Dietrich Allers (1910 – 1975)

Dietrich Allers was born the son of a prosecutor in Kiel in 1910. After studying law and taking the second state examination, he joined the Prussian administrative services in 1937. He had become a member of the SA and the Nazi Party as early as in 1932. On the initiative of his long-time SA comrade, Werner Blankenburg, in the »Chancellery of the Führer«, Allers assumed the function of a T4 manager in early 1941. As such, he was responsible for the smooth running of »Aktion T4« and the internal office routine of the T4 headquarters. He monitored the death camps and held talks with authorities.
In 1944, he took over the management of »Operation Reinhardt« in Trieste and organised the persecution of Jews in the Adriatic coastal region.

After a trial against him for his involvement in the »euthanasia« crimes was halted, Allers settled as a lawyer in Buxtehude in 1950 and supported the right-wing Socialist Reich Party. In 1951, he joined Deutsche Werft AG in Hamburg as a company lawyer and married his former secretary at T4 in 1958. Only in 1968 did the district court of Frankfurt sentence him to eight years in prison, which he, however, no longer had to serve because he had spent so much time in internment.

Image: Dietrich Allers, undated
Dietrich Allers, undated
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